3 iOS Tricks That Are Amazing Unknown

It sucks not being able to search a web page for a specific word on a webpage in your iPhone and iPad.

I – Find on page

iPhone & iPads

  1. Click on google search box
  2. enter the word you want to search
  3. At the bottom of search results for the web, the search results for whether the word appears on the current web page your on is listed.
  4. Scroll down to reveal the words found on the page

Just iPad

iPad recently added a new search web page fiend to the keyboard when eacrhing on the google input box


Have you used four fingers on your iPad lately?

iPad only.

II – Swipe between app

When having more than one app in your background place four fingers on your screen and swipe to the right or left to alternate betwen apps in your background wthout needing to double click or opening and clssing apps

III – Open app in background with swipe

You can access your background apps without doubleclicking your home button on Ipad.

Simply use four fingers on your screen swiping upwards and you will get the listing of all your background apps.

Hope you have fun rediscovering the fun you can have with your iOS devices!



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