A farewell to B.B. King

Picture printed on the shirt from the concert

Picture printed on the shirt from the concert

So sad to hear B.B King is gone today. I remember going to a concert with him and (the then teen sensation) Johnny Lang. I even have a shirt from the concert in a drawer at my parents house with this picture printed on it.

I remember Johnny Lang being technically phenomenal (regardless of his age.) He had strong vocals, charisma on stage, and sick solos. After finishing one of his 100+ note solos he looked over to B.B. King to carry the tune. B.B. closed his eyes, shook his head slowly (you could see he felt the music take over his body) and raised his guitar to play. Only one note came out of his guitar when he strummed, but it hit me right in the chest! It was one note against a hundred, but the wisdom and emotion was completely undiluted and intense. I’ll never forget what I felt that night: the power of style.

RIP B.B King.




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