What a company manifesto means to me and what I would expect it to accomplish

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A Manifesto reveals the strengths and values within a company, and does so in a way that decreases the number of complex decision making hurdles for its employees in the day-to-day. The manifesto will be “the bible” (though only a page) of reasons that lead a team without a need for individual leaders to be present, and can help create the next generation…
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Erec Makes A Fire: A Children’s Book About Entrepreneurism


Erec Makes a Fire was successfully funded on Kickstarter! Thanks for all your support. What is the book about? Erec Makes a Fire is a story of how a group of kids stumble upon a cave covered in ancient writings depicting the story of how a unique young cave boy (Erec) accidentally created his first great invention,…
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Fake Response Server: Slow response time generator


Here is another quick tool built on GAE. This one is super simple, but pretty handy. Today Twitter went down, and somewhere in our system we were using the Twitter API to display one of our status feeds. Them being down became us being slow. Well, I wanted to do some quick tests to keep…
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What do you and Sonic the Hedgehog have in common?


Have you ever played Sonic the hedgehog? What a classic! The objective of the game is to get Sonic to jump, run and roll through each level avoiding an array of enemies that want to make you roadkill. At the end of each treacherous stage you’ll reach a guarded exit protected by your arch nemesis…
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