Sean Shadmand Presents for NewCo’s Yahoo Content Series


Last year we really enjoyed opening our office up to OpenCo and revealing how we think and work as well as how we see technology transforming the world we live in. We ended with a look at “2023” and what all that may mean over the next decade. This year, after we were asked to…
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OpenCO 2013 – Why we love SF, how we work, and our world of content in 2023

OpenCo is the city’s answer to the question: “What makes San Francisco – San Francisco?” Instead of trying to explain the nuances to the culture here the founders of OpenCo decided the best way to describe it is by opening the doors to as many offices as possible within and allow people to come in…
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Nanoseconds for dummies

a nanosecond

One of our talented engineers Aseem sent this out over email this morning to the group. I really enjoyed it for a few reasons, and figured I would share it as well. First, it is a lecture from the inventor of the compiler; second, it is a lecture from someone in the military; third, she ( Grace Hopper) is very…
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Pictures that are literally worth over a million words

Words makes pictures

Check out this cool little tool: Google N-Grams It shows a graphical representation of the frequency words used in books over a rangeof years. It is based on on all the books google has scanned into their database to date. This TED talk is what turned me on to the project. The project, the tool…
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