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  1. Still no calendar API in 3.0/3.1

    July 3, 2009 by sshadmand

    iPhone Calendar

    iPhone Calendar

    Seems silly at this point but iPhone SDK is still without an API to push events to a persons calendar on the phone. Really? I mean what could happen that apple is against. You can get a users location based on GPS, which would seem more invasive then allowing a user to click a button to add it to their calendar. Is Kim jung il running apple while Jobs is out sick? — Maybe they are the same person; — I mean I have never seen them in the same place at the same time! Weird.

    Anyways, please add this API soon. Thanks.

  2. Pie for mass consumption

    June 29, 2009 by sshadmand

    Advanced Pie

    Advanced Pie

    Yet another great Google API for the masses, on the fly charts. You can simply use a URL and set of parameters to describe your chart and the output is an image file.  So, use the url in your blog post or place it in your href tage and get a great looking chart in a snap.

    Down side, there arent as many options as I would like through the API URL; I cant show perentages on te pie chart. Put they look great, they are easy to use and you can update them on te fly simply by changing the URL.

    Check out more information on this cool little feature at

    or try one of these examples:  Pie Chart, Bar Chart, and even a QR Code.

  3. Google Data API’s

    June 28, 2009 by sshadmand

    Data APIs

    Data API's

    Get google search results for all data streems

    Here is an example of getting their images:

    These API’s can be called through JavaScript scripts and class definitions Google provides (see below) or trough URL API  calls.

    These API’s are great for mashup sites or to help you increase the on page data you display to your users to show relevant topics and increase engagement or decrease clicks for data as the browse your site. I used a couple of them, for example, on to pull relevant RSS feeds and Images based on a companies domain name.

    You can read more about this service and browse through googles documentation below:

    Documentation home:


    URL Based:

    Data API List: