New FB Messenger Bot Port to Python Based on Quickstart Guide


FB Messenger Python Port on StackOverflow The current Quickstart guide for the new FB Messenger Chatbot is in Node.JS. I am currently working on a project in Python and couldn’t find any Copy & Paste-able Python webhooks. So, I created one myself. Hope this is helpful to someone else FB Chatbot Code Snippet on Gist

Fake Response Server: Slow response time generator


Here is another quick tool built on GAE. This one is super simple, but pretty handy. Today Twitter went down, and somewhere in our system we were using the Twitter API to display one of our status feeds. Them being down became us being slow. Well, I wanted to do some quick tests to keep…
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Google Data API’s

Get google search results for all data streems Here is an example of getting their images: These API’s can be called through JavaScript scripts and class definitions Google provides (see below) or trough URL API  calls. These API’s are great for mashup sites or to help you increase the on page data you display…
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