The ancient tomb of the Bend of the Boyne (Brú na Bóinne)

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We added another UNESCO stop on our way to the Giant’s Causeway, the Brú na Bóinne. The “open air tombs” were discovered here on accident around the 1700s and its contruction predates the pyramids, over 3.5K years ago (in the Neolithic period). During the winter solstice light enters the tomb through a small and pinpoints a spot on the far back wall of…
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A tour of Giant’s Causeway and The Legend of Finn McCool

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Giant’s Causeway is located in the northeast coast of Northern Ireland, near the the town of Bushmills. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1986. It is a beautiful display of nature. In truth, the formations exists because highly fluid molten basalt  mixed with chalk beds 50 to 60 million years ago. As the lava cooled contractions of the rock fractured, leaving…
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Driving through Scotland and Ireland.


U dunno have insurance here, pal! If you plan to drive through Ireland check with your insurance company and/or credit card about what is covered before you visit. As it turned out, our two auto insurance plans (one with our credit card and one with our regular auto insurance provider) excludes protection specifically in Ireland. Every…
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