Michael Jackson & Friends

Not a huge MJ fan directly but he definitly changed the game musically, and through perfrormance.

I have heard some pretty bad jokes recenlty about his death, and although I am just as cras and cold as the next guy, and although comically they were pretty funny, let’s try to show a little restraint and give the man some R.I.P respect — for at least a little while. I beleive although he was a hurt sole and seemed to be abused as a child both physically and mentally Michael had some great intentions and made quite an impact on the world in allot of positive ways. He transended all things black, white, masculine, feminine, child, adult pop icon, and recluse which inadverntently kept us all a bit more accepting or creative.

Kanye and Jackson

Kanye and Jackson

Tight beat laid down on Billie Jean track. Pretty sick.


Jay-Z and M. Jackson

Jay-Z and M. Jackson

Jay-Z’s remix of  You Rock My World by Michael Jackson.




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